Camping De Vuurplaats


Mountain and hiking trails

The area is very suitable for walking and hiking. Whether you prefer walking nearby or adventure further away, the nature offers fantastic views and untouched landscapes.

Via Transilvanica, is one of the most spectacular mountain trails in Romania with a length of about 1000 km, crossing the country from Putna Monastery to Drobeta Turnu Severin.

Camping De Vuurplaats is ideally positioned on the route, being an excellent choice for hikers who want to camp in a quiet and clean place.

Rarau Mountains

Visit the Rarau Mountains (1651 meters). From this place you have a spectacular view over the surroundings. On a clear sky, you can see miles away. The hike all the way to the top of the mountains is amazing!

Among the main tourist attractions of the Rarau mountains are Pietrele Doamnei, Piatra Soimului, Cheile Moara Dracului, Pestera Liliecilor etc.


Fundu Moldovei

Fundu Moldovei is a quiet village, home to friendly and welcoming locals. The village is at 745 meters altitude in Obcinele Bucovinei.

You can browse through the village museum, where you can learn about local traditions and get familiar with authentic folk costumes. The Romanian Orthodox Church built in the traditional Moldavian style is also worth a visit.

Only a few minutes away from the caravan park, you’ll see a Catholic church with an exquisite wood design, reminiscences of a large German community that was once was settled in Fundu Moldovei. German influences can be seen in the construction style of the church and some local houses.

Orata Monastery

In you follow the road further north from Fundu Moldovei you’ll discover more traditional gates, houses, churches, all built in a traditional architectural style.

Orata Monastery it just 12 km away from Fundu Moldovei and it’s one of the most iconic attractions of the area. The vibrant murals cover the inside of the monastery with distinctive colors and simple Bible stories.


Lucina horse stud

Continuing the journey to Izvoarele Sucevei, you will arrive at Lucina, a stud farm of Hutus horses about 20km away, the largest state-owned stud farm in Romania.

You can take a gentle stroll through the surrounding natural bushland on trained horses or you can ride in a cart.

The place is worth a visit both for the beauty of the animals and the landscape around!

Campulung Moldovenesc

The town of Câmpulung Moldovenesc is the center of the region and is about 12 km from Fundu Moldovei. Here you can find shops with fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat products, bee products, flowers, a farmer’s market open daily.

A popular museum is the “Wood museum”, where all kinds of wood carving tools and utensils are displayed. The section with biblical paintings made on glass is popular.

Manastirea Moldovita

The monasteries of Bucovina

The Bucovina region is an area known for the world-famous Moldovan monasteries. In fact, churches have gained fame because they are painted inside and out with frescoes.

The Judgment Day, The Fall of Constantinople, the Turkish invasion and much more are painted on the outside walls. These monasteries were built about 500 years ago by great voivodes of Moldavia.

The exterior paintings are well preserved, except for the northern part. Special green and blue paints were used and because the original color recipe remains a secret to this day, it makes subsequent restoration very difficult.

These monasteries are on the Unesco World Heritage List and attract visitors from all over the world.

Route through Bucovina

The first monastery you will encounter is Moldovița. About 5 km away, make a stop at the egg museum where an international artist exhibited here over 10,000 painted eggs, many of them unique in the world.

Near the museum, you will find one of the most exciting attractions of the area: Huțulca Moldovița Mocănița Train Station. Jump on the old steam train and take a 3-hour train ride through the Bucovina Mountains to enjoy the views.

Continuing your journey to the second monastery Sucevita, in Ciumârna, you will come across Mega Tirolina “La Palma”, one of the most spectacular zip lines in the country, with a length of 1100 meters.

After your visit to the Sucevita Monastery, if you continue along the way, you will reach Marginea. This village is renowned for their pottery work with black clay. Here, black clay pottery has a tradition of over 500 years creating various decorative objects.